Dog attacks, hospitalizes elderly woman, child

PARMA HEIGHTS, OHIO — An elderly woman and a child were hurt in a dog fight and hospitalized, FOX8 Cleveland reports.

Police called to the scene around 1 p.m. Friday after witnesses called 911 frantically.

“It’s an emergency. There’s a dog fight. A lady has been attacked by a dog…It’s a vicious fight,” one caller said.

Police said a boy, around the age of 8 or 9, was walking his pit bull, named Thor, when it went after an Australian Shepherd, named Afton, and turned on the boy, biting his hands.

“He was bit in the neck. I thought his neck snapped. The other dog (the pit bull) was just dragging it around …really got tore up, he (the shepherd) didn’t really even fight back,” a witness said.

The elderly woman who owns the shepherd was also attacked, police say.

One of her hands was reportedly bleeding profusely.

Both the boy and the woman were treated for their wounds at a local hospital.

The shepherd had very serious injuries and was rushed to a veterinary clinic.

The pit bull was declared a vicious dog and placed in quarantine by an animal control officer.

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