11-year-old girl saves young boy from drowning, hailed as hero

blurred surface view on blue swimming pool (Getty Images).

An 11-year-old girl in Canada who saved a 10-year-old boy from drowning is being hailed as a hero, CTV News reports.

Shana-Maude Curadeau was playing with her friends at a pool in Lachine, Quebec when another girl pointed at her brother, who was underwater.

“The little boy had a sister and his sister told me ‘Can you get my brother underwater?’” Curadeau said.

Curadeau saw that the boy wasn’t moving, so she and another girl lifted him out of the water.

“I heard Shana-Maude scream and I got up. She was already in the water, holding the boy and yelling for help,” said Josee Ouellette, a witness.

The lifeguards performed CPR and the boy reportedly survived the ordeal.

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