Milton Rhodes Center for Arts spending $2.2 million on renovations

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts is encouraging local artists by spending $2.2 million on renovations.

Kathy Grace, a ceramics artist, will have her work available in the new community gift shop, which is just one of the many new areas inside the center.

“It’s changed dramatically,” said Judi Russell, who has 11 of her pieces for sale in the gift shop.

As a local artist, she is thrilled about the evolution.

“Winston-Salem is known as a city of the arts," Russell said. "And the more places we have to show are the better because I think it will draw more and more people in to look at the art."

Connie Quinn, a member of the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, says retractable seats are also being added to transform the event center into a theater that fits over 200 people.

With improved acoustics, it is already being used for the National Black Theatre Festival and their Hall of Fame Museum.

“The arts community is a tight-knit collaborative group. We are working hard to support one another and this is a fantastic new space,” Quinn said.

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