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Greensboro summer camp features pop-up yard sale to teach kids financial responsibility

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Greensboro summer camp featured a pop-up yard sale Wednesday to teach kids about financial responsibility.

Abbi Shell and her fellow campers are running it to get a lesson on how to count change and talk to customers.

Jasmine Williams runs this summer camp and came up with the idea.

She feels the kids need to become more financially aware and learn about letting things go.

“I wanted to do fun plus educational,” Williams said.

Everything sold at the yard sale, the kids own.

“We have collected items that have accumulated in their houses. That they don’t use, they don’t need or that they thought they could give to someone else,” Williams said.

Each kid has their own money jar and they get to choose whether they save or spend their money. Abbi wants to buy a horse.

“I have always wanted a Clydesdale,” Abbi said.

“Understanding the value of money and how much they have. What they can do with that,” Williams said.

Each activity is paired with a life lesson -- like Wednesday’s yard sale.

Just last week, she had campers fill bags with essential items for the homeless around town.

“We talked about homelessness. What we think it looks like, what it may look like, what it doesn’t and things that we could be wrong about,” Williams said.

And it seems the kids are getting the message.

“We want to help the people and help them to get more stuff,” Abbi said.

There are two weeks left in Williams' camp and she hopes the kids take what they learned this summer into the future.

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