Two men fall into fertilizer tank truck, die after being overwhelmed by fumes

(Stock photo)

HOUSTON — Two workers who fell into a mobile fertilizer tank in Houston Monday are dead, WYFF reports.

Three men were applying fertilizer for a contracting company at a Houston high school when one of them fell into a tank at about 9:30 a.m., according to Paul Cordova, Houston ISD police chief.

A second man also fell in from the top of the truck after he went to check on the first, Cordova said.

A third worker called 911. Authorities believe the fertilizer fumes overwhelmed the men’s senses.

The bodies were recovered in a process that took more than six hours.

“The concentration, it is extremely dangerous if you are within a few feet of the opening,” said Michael Mire, Houston assistant fire chief. “You can easily become overwhelmed by the fumes and it appears that’s what may have happened here and that’s why even our members who were close to the container and at the top of the container were wearing special suits and breathing apparatus to protect themselves from the fumes.”

OSHA is investigating the scene.

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