Florida man charged with home break-in, says he was just following his horse

Lonnie Maddox

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A man says he was only in a stranger’s home because his horse broke in, but security cameras tell a different story, Bay News 9 reports.

Last week, Steve Ferguson was out when his security system sent an alert to his phone: a man was on his property.

Ferguson first called the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office before making the trip there.

That’s when he ran into, first, a horse trotting away — and, then, 52-year-old Lonnie Maddox, of Spring Hill.

“The guy said, ‘My horse broke into your house, mister, and I had to go in and get her,'” Ferguson told Bay News 9. “I said, ‘OK, so she broke into the gate and then the porch and then the house?'”

Video showed Maddox walking around the home. He was unable to get in through the padlocked from door so he went around back and smashed through a window.

Maddox told deputies he was just following the horse, which he claims entered through a broken fence, according to an arrest report.

The strangest part of the story? It wasn’t even Maddox’s horse. The animal was returned to its owners.

Maddox was charged with burglary of a dwelling, despite not taking anything. The window will cost about $100 to replace.


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