I-40 ranks among deadliest highways for summer travel

(Getty Images)

Planning your big summer vacation road trip?

You may want to leave Interstate 40 out of the itinerary.

ASecureLife.com researched the most dangerous highways for summer travel in the United States by analyzing data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System for the years 2015 to 2017.

I-40 was ranked as North Carolina’s deadliest highway with 61 fatalities— and the Tarheel State isn’t alone.

The highway popped up on the top three lists for five other states as well.

Here are the number of fatalities recorded for other states that ranked I-40 among their top three deadliest highways:

  • Arizona: 51 fatalities
  • Arkansas: 6 fatalities
  • New Mexico: 50 fatalities
  • Oklahoma: 34 fatalities
  • Tennessee: 85 fatalities.

While the numbers for I-40 may make drivers uneasy on the cross country corridor, the interstate is hardly the worst highway in the country.

I-95 was in the top three for eight states.

I-70 and I-80 also showed up six times on the chart.



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