Raleigh church group protests ICE in Virginia


FARMVILLE, Va. — A Raleigh church group of 60 people traveled more than 100 miles to Farmville, Virginia where they prayed and protested outside a privately-owned ICE detention center, WRAL reports.

“We are here to bear witness, we are not here to cause trouble,” said Reverend Nancy Petty, pastor at Pullen Memorial Baptist.

Petty said the church group is angry about how badly people crossing the border are being treated.

“We treat people with great disrespect. We put them in horrific situations where they have no care, they are dying in our custody and that is not a moral response,” Petty said. “And if we are going to be a moral nation, we have to come up with a different way to respond to the people who need our help.”

When asked about the people coming to America and breaking laws, Petty said, “We have laws that protect people coming to us seeking asylum.┬áThese mothers and fathers and children who are fleeing their country because of violence and persecution.”

Petty says her congregation at Pullen Memorial Baptist felt they needed to take their beliefs on the road and put them into action.

“We are here to take a stand, to say ‘this has to stop’,” Petty said.

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