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Couple asks for kids’ school supplies instead of wedding gifts

TAMPA, Fla. — Instead of wedding gifts, a couple in Florida decided to ask guests at their wedding to bring supplies to help children, FOX 13 reports.

Kelli Cameron, a first-grade teacher, and her husband, Matt Cameron, say they didn’t need anything they couldn’t take care of themselves, so they decided to give back.

“We started thinking of different charitable acts we could do, and as a teacher, I really liked the school supply idea,” Kelli said.

Each wedding guest was told what grade the child they were buying for was in and what supplies they needed.

Over 70 backpacks were gifted.

Kelli says the backpacks were filled with uniforms, other clothes, water bottles and cleaning supplies.

She reached out to her local school district to find where the gifts were needed most and they were donated to a school with a high-poverty rate in Tampa.

“Being a teacher, I know a lot of kids come with nothing to school. And you see the kids so excited about the little things: a backpack, or new shoes,” Kelli said. “It’s so important that they can start school excited, and a lot of teachers spend their own money for their kids. This helped out a little bit.”

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