Men charged after eating dead squirrels in anti-vegan stunt

There were the vegans who “terrorized” the butchers. Now, meat-eaters tried to terrorize the vegans.

The BBC reports a macabre scene in London on March 30 earned two men disorderly conduct convictions and fines on Monday.

Gatis Lagzdins, 29, and Deonisy Khlebnikov, 22, stationed themselves in front of a food stall at the Soho Vegan Food Market and began to eat dead but raw squirrels—ones that still possessed their skin and fur, reports USA Today.

You can view two grisly photos here; they show one of the men wearing a “veganism = malnutrition” shirt.

A British prosecutor says people asked the men to stop but they did not comply, and their “pre-meditated actions” distressed both adults and children.

The men are said to be anti-vegan and claimed they were demonstrating the dangers of not consuming meat by eating the squirrels. They were fined $500 and $250, respectively. (Read more vegan stories.)

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