Man, woman arrested after dog kicked into Myrtle Beach pool

Dillon Lark and Kelsey White

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Two people are facing charges after a 15-week-old puppy was kicked into a hotel pool, WPDE reports.

A hotel staff member flagged down an officer driving near 1600 N. Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach and reported the alleged animal cruelty.

The staff member said a man and a woman came into the area of the pool with a small puppy.

Then, the man kicked the dog into the pool.

The puppy, which wasn’t able to swim, could have drowned were it not for the quick actions of other people at the pool.

Officers found the dog with Lark’s brother in the parking lot.

The puppy appeared uncomfortable when an officer tried to touch it. The brother said one of the puppy’s ribs was cracked but added that the injury was from a previous incident.

Police have obtained surveillance video of the scene.

Dillon Lark, 23, was arrested. The man was charged with public intoxication and animal cruelty.

WPDE reports Lark admitted to the crime.

Kelsey White, 20, who was with Lark, was also arrested. She’s accused of drinking in public.

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