Winston-Salem Police report decrease in shootings after summer spike

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- After experiencing a summer spike in shooting crimes, Winston-Salem police have announced that they have seen a decrease in cases.

From Wednesday to Friday of this week alone they've recovered 8 handguns from potentially dangerous people.

Police said that even when you compare April to July of 2019 to 2018 there is a decrease.

Part of this is good detective work, but it also is in part thanks to their new “Violent Firearms Investigation Team” and the new ballistics testing equipment they have.

"It’s shown results this point in the summer where we’re actually having less shootings," said Sgt. Chris Diamont with the investigation team. "And we’re seeing that because of less evidence coming in and less seizures."

Instead of investigating each case individually, the team is able to get ballistic results in a matter of days as opposed to weeks.

This means a quicker response time when they try to determine if any of the shooting cases are connected.

Sgt. Diamont said they have seen the "same group, same person, some gun, whatever the case may be."

They have also been able to make arrests quicker in general thanks to the new investigation team.

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