A mother’s message to end the violence in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Saturday morning, a Greensboro mother will walk the street where her son was murdered.

Reginald Demarcus Wrenn was shot and killed on Willard Street on Nov. 4, 2012.

Every July since his death, Deborah White, Wrenn's mother, hosts the Sky's the Limit Walk Against Drugs and Violence.

"It's not just about my loss, it's about your loss, it's about taking back our communities where our kids can go out here and feel safe playing again," White said.

White is determined to restore her community as the city crime climbs to 21 homicides.

"It bothers me, but it does not keep me from still going out here and doing what I do," White said.

For seven years she's revisited the spot where her 24-year-old son's life ended.

"Of course I'll be a little emotional, who wouldn't be? That was my only son and he was the best son in the world," White said.

A son that inspired those around him to never settle. Wrenn's memory lives on through the annual walk.

"Our youth need to know that they can say no to drugs and be OK, that they can say no to the violence and be OK. If we don't take a stand with our youth the streets are going to have them," White said.

The Sky's the Limit Walk Against Drugs and Violence will start at 9 a.m. at Peeler's Recreation Center in Greensboro on Saturday.

There will be live entertainment, food and games following the walk.

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