Two dogs found dead in backyard of Randolph County home

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Two dogs were found dead in the backyard of a Randolph County home.

Kelly Daniel owns the home and says he knows the man responsible. He claims the dogs were neglected and left to die.

"I came home from work and pulled into the driveway. I could tell that a dog was laid down," Daniel said. "I thought the legs looked kind of funny."

Daniel saw the two dogs chained on the inside of his own fenced-in yard, along Highway 47 in Randolph County, Monday night.

"I got out and clapped my hands. There was no movement. I knew right then what it was," Daniel said.

He and his wife frantically called 911.

"There's two dead dogs in my backyard," said Daniel's wife to the dispatcher. "The dogs have been dead for hours."

The couple claims the friend did not properly care for his animals.

"He was here all day yesterday. He absolutely neglected to ever give them any water, food, anything," Daniel said.

Daniel showed FOX8 where he found the dogs. Marks on the ground showed where one of the pets tried to dig its way out.

"The dog was trying to get somewhere," Daniel said. "It was giving every last effort it got to get free."

He thinks the deaths could have been avoided if the dogs weren't tied up.

"This is a fenced-in yard. There's water on the porch they could have made it to," Daniel said.

As a dog dad of four, he just can't understand why anyone would leave animals outdoors in the middle of summer.

"Without water and dying in this heat," Daniel said. "I don't know how much more cruel you can be to an animal."

FOX8 did check with the Randolph County Sheriff's Office and no charges have been filed yet.

The Criminal Investigations Division is investigating.

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