Children who grew up in foster care share their words of encouragement

In today's Forever Family, children who grew up in foster care share their words of encouragement:

"I think it is really important for people to foster," says Leann. "Just because it gives stability. For me that was important I didn`t have stability before."

Kassidy says, "More than likely, their biological parents couldn`t do that for them. They were unstable, they weren`t making the right decisions. And so you have a child that grows in that and they think that is the right way to live. So even if they can go to a foster home for like a couple of month and even a couple of weeks and see how a person should act and showed love to them that can give like an all world changer for that child."

"They never probably have shown love or shown food on a table or even a family dinner or even sleep in a bed," added Caitlin. "I never had my own bed, like I always slept on the floor.  Even if they are not being adopted or they were just there for a day they will see what it is like."

Jason, who also grew up in foster care, said, "When we first met our foster parents we got there and they were so loving and caring for us. They were hugging all over us. And it just felt that they love us so much they are like our real parents. They were happy that we are home."

Leann said, "I guess my encouragement to foster children, is to know that regardless of what you went through regardless of how other people have treated you, you know your circumstances could be the worst possible but those don`t make up who you are."

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