Summit Avenue apartments being sold a year after a fire killed 5 children

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A realty company facing a lawsuit from the city of Greensboro is selling off several properties with a history of controversy.

CJH2 Enterprises purchased the 42-unit property on Summit Avenue for $1.3 million, according to a T.E. Johnson & Sons news release.

It’s the same apartment complex where a fire killed five children in 2018.

After the fire, an investigation found more than 200 violations on the property–at least five in each unit.

The complex is still facing fines from the city of Greensboro for the various code violations.

The release says that T.E. Johnson & Sons are helping transition the newly renamed UNITY Place Apartments on 3100 Summit Avenue into safe and affordable housing and “the previous owner’s violations have been remedied,”

Cathy Robertson, vice-president/broker-in-charge, at T.E. Johnson & Sons says, “Changes will begin immediately” to the UNITY Place Apartments.

The release also says that no tenants who are following the terms of their lease agreement will be displaced.

In a statement from Arco Realty to FOX8, they said “Investigators determined that last year’s tragic fire at Summit Avenue, was the fault of the adults in the apartment, who left food cooking unattended on the stove.”

They say since the fire, they’ve invested over $460,000 into the property and every unit in the apartment complex passed the city’s inspection before the sale last week.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn welcomes the property’s new owners but says the fines and penalties still stand with the previous owners.

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