Kirkwood neighborhood celebrates Fourth of July with annual parade

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Nothing gets the Kirkwood neighborhood in Greensboro together like celebrating America’s birthday.

“This is our favorite biggest day of the year in Kirkwood,” said Kim McCaskill, who moved to Kirkwood in 1981.

She recalls the days of a more robust parade with plenty participation and thoughtful themes.

“One year we had bamboo and a float and we all dressed up like Gilligan's Island. Or it could be even like drill teams where the husbands all got trash cans and did this marching thing that was really funny," McCaskill said.

World War II vets settled Kirkwood post-war, which explains the obsession over the 4th.

Families and new homeowners have carried the tradition.

Taylor, Kim’s son, recently moved back to Kirkwood in 2016.

“Oh, it’s so great. And he lives right in the center of Kirkwood, which we were just laughing about,” McCaskill said.

Now, he’s organizing the parade with an added twist.

“I wanted to challenge people to bring out their best ideas and best creativity,” Taylor McCaskill said.

A trophy and $200 of his own money will go to the best float.

He too recalls enjoying the parades as a youngster.

People who don’t even live in Kirkwood return yearly to reminisce.

“A re-connection of old spirits,people who grew families here, everyone,” Taylor McCaskill said.

And he and his neighbors are making sure Kirkwood alumni have something fresh and fun to return to every July.

“There’s a sign down the park that says we’re America’s most patriotic neighborhood, so I think it’s really important we try to keep that up in some light or fashion,” Taylor McCaskill said.

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