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Winston-Salem police receive reports of indecent exposure, how to stay safe when you shop

WINSTON-SALEM, N,C. -- Shoppers are being encouraged to stay aware of their surroundings.

Winston-Salem police say they’ve received reports of a peeping Tom and an indecent exposure just in the past two months at Mega Thrift stores.

Police need your help identifying a man wanted for exposing himself at the Mega Thrift in Clemmonsville on Thursday.

Officers are also trying to track down a man accused of strapping a camera to his shoe to take pictures up a woman’s skirt while she was trying on clothes.

This incident was April 30 at the Mega Thrift on University Parkway.

“Don’t be afraid to cause a scene, especially if they’re approaching you in an unwanted manner,” said Sergeant Dwayne Little of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Little says if this happens to you, you should confront the person and get help immediately.

“Before you do things like pick up something heavy at a store take, a look around. Because women wear skirts and dresses and things of that nature, they have to bend over to pick something up because these people with the upskirt cameras exist," Sgt. Little said.

And if you do suspect someone is violating your personal space or being inappropriate, take a mental note of their appearance.

“Hairstyle, complexion, race the type of shoes they’re wearing. Anything you can while getting away and notify local authorities as soon as you can,” Sgt. Little said.

Surveillance video can also help investigators bring the criminals to justice.

And even if you see it happening to someone else they say you should get involved.

“Take their picture that way when you call the local authorities you can have more evidence of what was going on. Most of these people they’re being sneaky, so you confront them from a distance. I would not go hands on," Sgt. Little said.

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