North Carolina couple clones beloved pet cat

(Getty Images)

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Cinnabun died at the old age of 19 years old, WSLS reports.

That’s when one North Carolina couple set out to create Cinnabun II.

Ashley and Brian Bullerdick reached out to Texas-based cloning company ViaGen Pets after the death of their cat. The company says they clone cats, dogs and horses.

With a sample of Cinnabun’s skin and saliva — as well as a $25,000 payment, the company created the cat’s genetic twin, according to WSLS.

Now, Cinnabun II is 5 months old, and the Bullerdicks says the sequel looks — and even acts — like the first.

When asked if there could ever be a Cinnabun III, the couple said they’re not ruling it out.

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