Police continue searching for missing 2-year-old Virginia boy more than 48 hours after disappearance

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Noah Tomlin

HAMPTON, Va. — The search still is on for a Hampton toddler who went missing Monday morning, WTKR reports.

2-year-old Noah Tomlin was last seen wearing a white and green pajama shirt and a diaper.

“What we know today (Wednesday) has not changed much since the first announcement,” said Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult.

In Wednesday’s press conference, Sult said they are still hoping for the safe return of Noah,  but added, “we are looking at all potential aspects that this case can lead us to.”

Sult said this includes looking in the city landfill. Even though they don’t have reason to believe Noah is there, Sult says his department and those working with them want to exhaust every option.

Police say the toddler was last seen around the Bayside Mobile Home Village around 1 a.m. Monday. Authorities are searching near this area.

In a Facebook video, Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult said Noah was reported missing at 11:35 a.m. Monday. He was put to bed Sunday night, and his mother hasn’t seen him since.

After a number of searches, police have been unable to find Noah and have called in additional resources. The Hampton Police Division will receive assistance from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management search team, and they have requested help from the Virginia State Police mobile command post.

The department also recently called in the FBI to assist with the investigative side of the case.

“We’re turning over every stone,” Chief Sult said. “We’re doing everything we can to bring this child home safely.”

Sult added they’re not ruling anything out until they find Noah and said, while they’re taking this as a worst-case scenario, they’re hoping for the best.

Authorities are still looking and are putting a lot of effort, their searches have spread to the air and the water. On the ground, they are focusing their search on the area of Hampton between Salt Pond and a mile south of the child’s home.

In Tuesday’s briefing, police say they have not found any evidence that says whether or not the child walked away from their home or was abducted. They also have not said if the child has gotten out of the home before.

The toddler’s parents are no longer at police headquarters; they were there on a voluntary basis. There have been no charges against them and they are cooperating with law enforcement, police told WTKR.

Responding to several inquiries they’ve received about police presence at the landfill, the Hampton Police Division said at this point they are “taking all efforts to search for, preserve and recover any evidence that could lead to Noah’s return.” Authorities said while they “do not have anything specific leading us to that location,” they are “making necessary efforts to preserve and identify potential areas that may be of future evidentiary value.”

Police continued to search the area in full force through Tuesday evening. In another press briefing late Tuesday night, police said they’re going to slowly shift their focus throughout different areas of the city after feeling confident they’ve “exhausted all reasonable efforts and all reasonable resources” in the current location.

This is still and active and fluid investigation, and police are continuing to ask those in the community to reach out if they see or hear anything suspicious.

Call the Hampton Police Department at (757) 727-6111 if you have any information that could help police.

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