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Heart-shattering photo of dog after family leaves him at shelter goes viral, leads to new home

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana made it clear how dogs react when they’re left at the animal shelter.

The society shared a heartbreaking photo of Ritter, a 4-year-old American bulldog, who was dropped off at the shelter after his family lost their home.

“Ritter’s negative reaction to the shelter was immediate and heartbreaking,” the society said in the post. “This is the reality our animals face every day — heartbreak and a sense of hopelessness.”

In their plea to find Ritter a new home, the shelter was optimistic for his future.

“We are his second chance — it’s time to help this boy find a place to live, love, and be loved,” the society said. “A place for his heart to heal. We need to share his face and his story. Ritter’s happily ever after is out there.”

As it turns out, their optimism was not misplaced. Ritter has found a new home.

With Ritter off to his new life, the Humane Society for Hamilton County made it clear that the “moment” captured in the photo by long-time volunteer Alan Wlasuk is a moment shared by all dogs and cats in shelters.

“Our hopeful request is that each of you will now consider adopting one of the hundreds of animals still waiting…most far longer than Ritter (like Polly also pictured here who currently holds the longest wait record in our care)…and all with an equally heartbreaking viral photo that has yet to be taken,” the society said.

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