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Florida police detained a tortoise for blocking the road. He got away with a warning and a selfie

ST. JOHN’S COUNTY, Fla. — Florida law enforcement conducted a traffic stop on a slow-moving “Florida Native” for disrupting the flow of traffic.

The gopher tortoise was strolling through Nocatee Parkway when St. Johns County Sheriff’s Deputy L. Fontenot spotted it on his routine patrol.

The suspect, identified as “Gopherus Genus,” exact age unknown, continued its walk when asked by Fontenot to stop.

Fontenot detained “Gopherus.”

Fontenot and “Gopherus” then had a “heartfelt conversation regarding this risky behavior” and the suspect was “released on his own recognizance,” in a nearby wooded area, according to the St. John’s Sheriff’s Office.

“Gopherus was cooperative during the remainder of my encounter with him, so I chose to use discretion and let him go with a warning,” Fontenot said.

The reaction was so positive, the two had to take a selfie together.

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