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Woman arrested after abandoned kittens found dead in cages after thunderstorms

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. — A criminal investigation is underway after four kittens were found dead and a litter of cats was dumped outside a Wilson Zoo foster home, KFSM reports.

Netitia Jones, 53, admitted to dumping a total of 15 kittens Tuesday at the zoo’s foster home. Police confirmed that three kittens died when severe thunderstorms hit the area.

She was arrested at about 9:30 a.m. Friday morning on 14 counts of animal cruelty.

The helpless animals had been packed into two cages with no cover from the storms.

According to Arkansas state law a person commits cruelty to an animal when he or she abandons an animal at a location without providing for the animals continued care.

Local animal advocate Jenny Tuz says she believes the person who did this should be held accountable.

“100 percent they should. There is no reason there are so many resources,” Tuz said. “They could have waited until the morning and brought them to the shelter, they could have done anything. It seems to me they got themselves into this situation to have so many animals and they should take responsibility.”

In a Facebook post, Wilson Zoo said “We are beyond furious and heartbroken right now, we have 11 cats we don’t have foster rooms for. We are asking for adopters and Fosters ASAP.”

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