Couple keeps the light burning with their love of lighthouses

CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. – Husband and wife Bruce and Cheryl Shelton-Roberts love lighthouses -- especially the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

After Bruce retired as a photographer for Southern Living magazine, he became fascinated with photographing lighthouses. That was about the time he and Cheryl met.

“We’ve been photographing lighthouses and visiting them, interviewing keepers` decedents for almost 30 years,” said Cheryl.

The couple has authored several books on lighthouses and started the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society. The group played a major role in saving the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from the sea.

“I had gone up to New England to photograph a lighthouse after it was moved,” said Bruce. “I got to talking to people who did the move and it seemed simple to them.”

That's when he and Cheryl started pushing the idea to move the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and now 20 years later they are pleased to have been a part of not only saving the structure but preserving its history and culture.

“It seems to me that people are now beginning to appreciate lighthouses ... both in how they were built and the people who maintained them all those years and keeping the light burning.”

Their new book, North Carolina Lighthouses, Revised and Expanded Edition, is now available in bookstores and online book retailers.

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