President Trump to formally launch re-election campaign in Orlando

President Donald Trump (CNN)

ORLANDO, Fla. — On Tuesday, President Donald Trump will formally launch his re-election campaign at a 20,000-person arena in Orlando with a rally crafted to position him once again as the main event of the 2020 campaign.

Campaign officials hope the spectacle will satisfy Trump’s thirst for the spotlight and see it as a way to “reset” the campaign’s efforts, one campaign source said, signaling to grassroots supporters and donors alike the start of the campaign season.

Ahead of the rally, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will host a fundraising reception for high-dollar donors, some of whom will be flying in from around the country for the kickoff event, according to sources familiar with the event.

And this week the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign are also holding a national week of training to train volunteers and neighborhood organizers.

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