Concerns over rabid raccoons in Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Cases of rabid raccoons are on the rise in Guilford County. The most recent case brought the county's case total to eight so far this year.

"It is concerning because a lot of our neighbors have dogs and cats and I’m concerned that the disease might pass along to them," Joe Meyerson said.

But it's not just pets people are worried about.

"I’m concerned mainly for our neighbors. I have neighbors across the street that have five kids and they are always out playing, you know, going out to the creek to play," said Meyerson, who lives in the Forest Hill Drive community.

Guilford County Animal Control says dogs discovered the raccoon Sunday and it was tested for rabies and the results turned out to be positive.

Neighbors say they always see a plethora of wildlife in their community, hence its name.

"Look around you I mean this subdivision is called Hamilton Forest," said Arlene Henza.

Now they're planning to keep an extra eye out, especially for the sake of their pets.

"The only thing we can do is to immunize our own pets and we do that and I’m sure everyone else in the neighborhood does," Arlene Henza said.

According to Guilford County Animal Control, the cases of rabies in raccoons are not just concentrated in one area. The cases are popping up all over the county.

Animal Controls says the influx of rabid raccoons is concerning and they encourage anyone who comes across one to stay away and contact animal services.

"If I had an outdoor dog and I found out about this I’d definitely go out with my dog and monitor them … have flashlights; if I saw something, I would probably ring the dog immediately in," Meyerson said.

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