Triad roads damaged after heavy rains; pavement caves in outside Lexington restaurant

LEXINGTON, N.C. — Keep your eyes on the roads, because there may be damage left behind by heavy rains — like the pavement cave-in in Davidson County.

In front of Don Juan Restaurant at 43 S. Talbert Boulevard in Lexington, a circular area of pavement caved in causing a serious hazard for those driving through the parking lot.

N.C. Department of Transportation Engineers say all the wet weather throughout the year has taken a toll on the roads.

Potholes and cracks have appeared, and, in some cases, the damage might be hidden under flood waters.

That's why officials say you should try and stay off the roads, but if you have to drive, be alert and do not drive through standing water, even if it looks shallow.

There might be a hole, debris or even a downed power line you don't know is underneath you.

We also saw, even this weekend, flooded out roads and waters carrying some drivers away.

Remember to give yourself more time to drive, and more space between you and the cars around you.

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