Grandfather rescues 5-year-old girl during Florida alligator attack

Alligator stock image (Getty Images)

LEON COUNTY, Fla. — An alligator chomped down on a 5-year-old girl’s leg, and she lived to tell the tale thanks to her grandfather’s actions and 11 stitches, WCTV reports.

On Monday, Ryanne Gwaltney got the shock of her life while she was swimming at Lost Lake in Leon County with her grandfather Clifford Gregg.

They had just gotten out of the water for a quick snack when they spotted the creature in the water.

After about 30 minutes, the alligator was out of sight and they felt that the water was safe enough to get back in.

“I waded out a little bit further looking around, keeping my eyes open for the alligator,” Gregg told WCTV. “I had stepped 10 or 15 feet away from here when she screamed.”

Gregg beat down on the water right above it until the alligator moved. Then, he grabbed the 5-year-old and made for dry land.

The girl made it out with her life — and 11 stitches.

That same day, Florida Fish and Wild Commissioner sent out a trapper to wrangle the reptile, WCTV reports. The alligator measured out to 6-feet, 8-inches.

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