260-pound loggerhead turtle rescued after bitten by sharks, stranded on SC sandbar, report says

HUNTING ISLAND, S.C. — When a 260-pound female loggerhead turtle got stuck on a sandbar, two people came to her rescue.

Friends of Hunting Island Sea Turtle Conservation Project shared the story to Facebook on Tuesday.

On Monday, people on the beach spotted the turtle stuck on a sandbar near the northern side of the island.

The stranded turtle had bite wounds on its flippers and neck.  The Friends believe the bites may have been caused by sharks which attacked her while she was trying to nest.

Ranger Megan Stegmeir and Buddy Lawrence ventured out and used a tarp to bring the turtle to shore.

An ATV carried the turtle back to the nature center and cooled her down with water before bringing her to the Sea Turtle Hospital in Charleston.

Officials believe the turtle has “a good chance for recovery and release.”

“Kudos to all involved,” Friends of Hunting Island Sea Turtle Conservation Project wrote. “The turtle would not have lasted long in the 95 degree temperatures exposed to the sun!”

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