Community fundraising for Reidsville mother after ceiling collapses during severe weather

REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- Family members and friends are working to help Betty Gallant and her four children after her ceiling collapsed during Friday's severe weather.

Gallant says Friday afternoon she told her kids, as well as the three children she was babysitting, to seek shelter in the bathroom as wind and hail began picking up.

She was running to join them when a tree fell onto her home, collapsing the ceiling on top of her. Gallant was OK and kept moving.

“I just took off in there, all I could think was 'mother instincts' and jump on top and protect them. I’ll take the blow not them,” she said.

Gallant covered the kids in the bathtub until the storm stopped.

"Being a mother of four, you want to protect them, you don’t want nothing to happen to them, you want to stop it but there’s nothing you can do but listen to all that’s happening," she said.

Aside from a few minor injuries, Gallant said everyone in the home was OK.

She isn't sure if the house can be salvaged, and with insulation covering the living room and kitchen, her family is staying with relatives.

A nearby convenience store has taken up a collection to help replace some of the items damaged. Gallant says a friend also started an online fundraiser which has raised nearly $500.

“You don’t realize how much you take advantage of things until it’s gone or it happens to you. You really don’t," she said. "I’ve tried to step up and help people in their time of need, but it feels good that when it’s vice versa and we’re in a time of need that people are stepping up to try and help.”

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