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Vienna Elementary students donate to FOX8 Community Baby Shower

PFAFFTOWN, N.C. -- One by one, first-grade students at Vienna Elementary in Pfafftown help carry out items they and their classmates have donated to the FOX8 Community Baby Shower.

“While they’re only 6 years old, the message that they’re sending and understanding right now -- that giving back to the community makes a difference -- is huge,” said Lee Coch, principal at Vienna Elementary.

Not everything taught at his school comes out of a textbook, and Coch believes this is one of those lessons.

“When you see the smile on their faces, they know they're helping,” Coch said. “They're not exactly sure how they’re helping, but they know bringing in the diapers is helping someone else who needs them.”

Dylan May is one of those students.

“It makes me feel happy and glad,” Dylan said.

He and his classmates know their seemingly small gesture will mean a lot to someone else.

“Buy a few things,” Dylan said. “They don't have to buy a lot of expensive stuff, they just have to buy a few things and they can help moms.”

“Serving others is a theme here at Vienna that we instill in all of our children from kindergarten through fifth grade,” Coch said.

In fact, the schools involvement with the FOX8 Community Baby Shower is just one example of how they’ve given back this year.

“First-graders learned a lot about kindness and sharing this year,” said Saylor Bowen, a first-grader. “We donated to the Humane Society and Brenner Children’s Hospital toys at Christmas and now the baby shower. Let's go first-grader Tigers!”

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