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Michigan 12-year-old escapes potential kidnapper by asking for the ‘password’

(Getty Images)

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A girl knew to run away from a potential kidnapper after the stranger could not give her the “password,” according to WXYZ.

On Wednesday, a 12-year-old girl from Macomb Township, Michigan, was headed to her bus stop when a black Chevy sedan rolled up.

A man in the vehicle asked the girl to “get in the car,” authorities told the station.

She, however, was prepared for a situation like this.

The girl and her mom have a system to make sure that anyone that comes to pick her up is doing so with the knowledge and permission of her family.  That system is a secret password.

When she asked the man for the password, he told her he didn’t know it.

That’s when she ran away.

WXYZ reports the man eventually drove away, and the girl made it onto her bus and told a school resource officer what happened.

Another child corroborated the girl’s story to police.

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