Officers find body with no head, no hands in Wilkesboro woods

(Google Maps)

WILKESBORO, N.C. — Police came upon a horrific scene last Thursday while searching the woods near Mountain View Apartments, according to an incident report.

At about 7:21 p.m., a resident at Mountain View Apartment reported that he saw a tent in the woods near the complex and wanted an office to take a look.

Two officers went into the woods to look for the tent, heading in from several different areas due to the thick underbush.

When the officers went into the woods from the southeast, near a cellphone tower on Winker Mill Road, they came across a body.

Police report that there was no head or hands.

The body had a green jacket, khaki pants and brown boots on.

GPS coordinates place the body at the woods behind a Lowes Foods of Wilkesboro and Big Lots.

Wilkesboro Police Chief Craig Garris said they have no reason to believe criminal activity was involved in the death.

Investigators have not found any gunshot or stab wounds, or defensive wounds on the body, Garris said. Instead, he believes that scavenging animals are responsible for removing the body parts.

Police are currently looking to identify the body.

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