Florida woman spanks stepson, 26, for missing curfew, police say

LARGO, Fla. — A Florida woman gave her stepson two choices when he missed his midnight curfew: tell his father he was late or get a spanking.

He opted for the spanking.

Valerie Lee Branch-Galloway

Valerie Lee Branch-Galloway, 42, reportedly hit her stepson 11 times in the behind with a leather belt before he asked her to stop, WTSP reports.

It’s worth noting, Branch-Galloway’s stepson is not a child. He is 26 years old.

Branch-Galloway continued to hit her stepson with the belt, saying he had 19 more blows to go, police told WTSP.

She was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

According to police, Branch-Galloway admitted to hitting her stepson 30 times with a belt, but said he did not ask her to stop.

She has been the victim’s stepmom for 13 years and he has been living with her for three months.

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