No charges filed after dead animals found inside foul-smelling Davidson County home

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — No one will face charges after a "suspicious odor" report led deputies of a Davidson County house of horrors.

Neighbors had complained about more than a dozen cats roaming around the house at 364 Longmeadow Drive and an odor reaching neighboring houses.

After learning of the strange smell, Davidson County deputies responded and found an "overwhelming odor of decay," according to a news release.

Firefighters and Davidson County deputies ventured into a Davidson County home, wearing masks for breathable air and spraying bug spray on themselves to ward off any fleas

Inside, trash and feces covered the floor, and they found dead cats and a dead opossum as well as several cats still alive.

"I personally counted 12 to 15 cats there in the yard and around the house," said William Freeman, who lives two doors down.

He says this has been a problem for years.

Despite braving the stench, officials did not find a person in the home.

Deputies brought the case to the District Attorney's Office to discuss possible animal cruelty charges but they decided not to file any charges.

Animal control managed to round up most of the cats, but there were a few stragglers running around on Thursday.



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