New brother-in-law charged with shooting North Carolina groom in both legs on wedding day

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina man had a wedding day he’s not likely to forget anytime soon.

According to the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, 61-year-old Kenneth Mills got married Saturday, but a series of mishaps led to a fight with his new brother-in-law, Michael Ray Macy, 50, WBTV reports.

The couple was at their wedding reception on Cannon Farm Road when Macy showed up with a dog.

The groom confronted him before workers at the venue told Macy he couldn’t stay with the dog.

Later that evening, Mills called Macy to ask why he hadn’t written “Just Married” on the back of the newlywed’s truck as they had previously agreed.

Macy answered, “F*** you,” WBTV reports.

That’s when the groom drove to his brother-in-law’s home on Highway 153.

When Mills arrived, Macy allegedly hit him in the head with a handgun and shot him in both of his legs.

Mills was taken to a hospital.

Macy was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and received a $1,000 bond.

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