Centric Brands announces 213 new jobs coming to Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Greensboro.

On Wednesday, Centric Brands announced it will add 213 jobs to the local economy.

Andy Zimmerman, owner and developer of the Gateway Building, said placing this company in this building is history happening all over again.

"A hundred years ago, this building was activated by a company called Hudson Hill, and Hudson Hill made overalls, and so it was activated a hundred years old for a textile reason and again today a hundred years later for the same," said Zimmerman.

City council members approved more than $400,000 in incentives for the company to expand back in March.

The State of North Carolina provided a Building Re-Use Grant which played a role in getting the business to come to the Triad as well.

"213 jobs that they`re committing to the city of Greensboro, great wages above $50,000 in terms of the average, so it`s the kind of creative management, high-paying jobs that we`re looking for," said Brent Christensen, president of the Greensboro Chamber of Comemrce.

Centric Brands is offering a wide range of positions starting at an average salary of $54,000.

"They created this new company and wanted a new home and wanted it to match their vision for their new company and this space is accomplishing that for them," Zimmerman said.

The 110,000 square foot building is an open canvas right now, but the company is planning to add conference rooms and offices to fill the space on all three floors.

Centric Brands plans to open in September 2019.

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