East Greensboro residents say paving projects to blame for car problems

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Some east Greensboro residents say the city’s resurfacing project is to blame for their car problems.

“My car is right now out of alignment because of this,” Sylvia Stanback said.

Stanback has lived on Benbow Road for decades. While she’s happy crews are resurfacing an old road, she’s becoming very frustrated with how long it’s taking the city to finish.

“The biggest frustration for me is the fact that this did not happen when they were paving Battleground Avenue nor did it take did it take this long on Elm-Eugene,” Stanback said.

Other residents on Benbow Road also shared their concerns with having to drive around the manholes.

“We’re all doing the swerving so it looks like we all riding a roller coaster on both sides,” resident Ricky Bynum said.

FOX8 reached out to the City of Greensboro regarding the timeline of the project and the reason why they are still working on the project. The City of Greensboro said the contractor's milling process, which is where they removed the old asphalt, ended on May 8. After the milling process is over, the city says their contractor said they have up to 20 days before laying the new asphalt, which Stanback thinks is unacceptable.

“I want to see this street paved within a week so that we can navigate up and down this street without throwing our cars out of alignment and having to weave in and out of the mental mounds,” Stanback said.

Stanback has been so frustrated with this issue she's even reached out to the city for answers. She doesn't plan on getting her car fixed until the work is complete.

“They give me their excuses as to why it hasn't been paved, my response to that is the excuse is only for the ones making it. I'm the taxpayer, we pay for our streets and our neighborhoods not to look like this so excuses do not alleviate the problem,” Stanback said.

The City of Greensboro will start the resurfacing on May 29. They're expecting to complete the project in 10 days.

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