Leaving for a trip? Make sure your home is safe while you’re gone

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Law enforcement across the Piedmont tends to see a lot of property crime during the summer time, but there are some things you can do to help prevent it.

Some things to make sure you do before heading out of town include double checking that you don't leave anything out. That includes valuable items like lawn care equipment that could make your property a target.

Deputies also say you should try and avoid posting on social media that you are out of town. you should also tell your neighbors so they can keep an eye on your home.

Law enforcement including the Guilford County Sheriff's Office can also help keep an eye on your home. If you call your patrol office and tell them you will be out of town, deputies can drive by when time allows.

“It just provides visibility in the neighborhood and a lot of times when criminals are looking to break into something or steal something they’ll case the area. So if they see a deputy in the area or driving through the area it definitely prevents crime,” Major Antonelli with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office said.

To sign up, go to the Guilford County Sheriff's Office website, and click on Vacation Safety Check.

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