Greensboro city council approves ‘Vision Zero’ to save more lives

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro city officials are trying to save more lives, so the city council approved “Vision Zero” in Tuesday night's meeting.

It's a program to eliminate the amount of traffic deaths that happen every year.

"We want to bring that to zero and it sounds like a lofty goal, but it's one that'll take time," said Lydia McIntrye, transportation engineer.

The community plays a role in this project when it comes to being an alert commuter.

"I think... I hate to say it, but ticketing more for texting and driving," said Meggan Thompson, a Greensboro resident.

Things like not driving distracted, watching your speed and obeying traffic laws help cut down on these accidents.

"It does mean that people need to change their behavior when they get behind the wheel of a car," said McIntyre.

Greensboro city leaders are also looking at ways to improve roads and do what they can to fix larger corridors with heavy traffic.

"So large intersections with multiple lanes such as Battleground and New Garden Road or Battleground Westridge or Wendover Avenue," said Nicole Lindahl, a project stakeholder.

Lindahl, of Bicycling in Greensboro, said it's vital for local organizations to add other perspectives when it comes to safety.

"The city did an incredible plan with community outreach. So, this plan isn't just Greensboro having a plan. This is our plan,” Lindahl said.

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