Thomasville service dog dies after struck by car in hit-and-run

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A Thomasville man had to make the difficult decision to put down his service dog, Olivia.

The dog was standing in the front yard when a car went off the road, hitting and injuring her late Saturday night.

The driver never stopped.

"They don't stop to find out 'Was it a dog? Was it a person? What was it?' They didn't even slow down. They kept going," said Michael Rhoney, Olivia's owner.

Michael watched the driver speed off and then looked over to find his canine companion on the gravel struggling to move.

"I could see Olivia just laying there, and she would try to get up on her front paws and couldn't. Her back wouldn't move at all," said Rhoney.

Rhoney and his family rushed Olivia to the emergency vet where they learned her chances of a full recovery were slim.

“I sat there with her until she passed,” said Rhoney.

Rhoney suffers from medication-resistant epilepsy. Olivia was his lifeline when he was having a seizure.

Rhoney says, next to his wife and kids, Olivia was the most important thing in his life.

Now he’s left wondering why the driver didn’t do the right thing.

“Not having you stop hurt just as much, because you didn’t care, because it easily could have been one of the kids,” said Rhoney.

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