Heartwarming moment two strangers hold hands as they cross marathon finish line in last place

PITTSBURGH  -- Two women who started off as strangers at a Pittsburgh marathon held hands together as they crossed the finish line in last place.

KDKA reported that Jessica Robertson from Pennsylvania and Laura Mazur from Ohio pushed each other to finish the race.

They realized they were the last two runners around the 14-mile mark. A photographer captured an image of the two holding hands as they approached the 25-mile mark.

"She said I'll make you a promise. I won't leave you if you don't leave me. No matter what, we'll cross together,” Robertson said. “I said, well I promise I won't leave you because I can't do this alone."

More than seven hours after they started and just eight minutes before the marathon shut down, the women crossed the finish line together - as promised.

“We were just two individuals -- two humans, had a goal in mind and we leaned on each other to get there,” Robertson said.

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