NC State gives away free bricks with hilarious signs after ‘brick bandits’ steal from walkways

RALEIGH, N.C. — N.C. State University is giving away free bricks after students started stealing them days before graduation, WTVD reports.

On Thursday, school officials took to Twitter to talk about the issue.

“Not that you would ever want to steal a brick from campus, because that’s not the kind of people you are… But if you did, maybe take one of these free ones instead of digging one out of a pathway,” the tweet read.

The bricks were left on campus next to signs which read, “Don’t Nick the Brick! #StopStealing” and “BEAT the BRICK BANDIT! Get your FREE STUDENT BRICK With LIMITED PARANOIA.”

School officials said taking the bricks from pathways can create tripping hazards.

Unfortunately for the university, it’s not clear how likely students are to heed the request.

One Twitter user wrote, “State. Love you. Really. But they gotta dig it out like we (and those before us) did.”

WTVD reports crews were on campus patching the holes all day.

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