87-year-old local woman checks motorcycle ride off her ‘bucket list’

It’s been four years since Frances Lane, 87, has taken a ride with someone on a motorcycle.

“This is on my bucket list,” she said.

“She is very resilient, and she has been looking forward to this ever since I asked her if she wanted to do it again,” daughter Sharon Drake said.

Drake, a member of the Triad Bad Lasses motorcycle group, asked her fellow riders to give her mom another special memory.

The group led Lane on about a one-hour ride through Guilford County.

It was a proud moment for Lane’s other daughter, Darlene Jackson.

“She`s recently been in the hospital. She had pneumonia, she’s had cancer. She did 30 rounds of radiation recently. She`s doing really well. She’s handling it well,” Jackson said.

Despite the challenges, Lane is still living life to the fullest.

“If I get another chance, I`ll ride again,” Lane said.

Lane says she’s still trying to figure out what else is on her bucket list.

She recently went on a trip to Missouri to see her grandchildren.

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