Neighbors say vacant home in Winston-Salem is a hazard

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Neighbors near a vacant home in Winston-Salem say the property is a hazard and it's time for the city to take action.

The home is located at 1400 Ebert St., between Hawthorne Road and Silas Creek Parkway, in the Ardmore neighborhood.

The house has been empty for five years since the owner died and during that time the neighborhood has watched as it deteriorates.

Several people tell FOX8 they have filed complaints with the city and nothing has being done.

"We would love for them to take care of it as soon as possible," said Sue Mueller, a neighbor.

Council Member Dan Besse, who represents the ward where the house sits, says there are several complicating factors, including liens on the property and the deceased had no heirs, which is tying up the processes of housing conditions enforcement.

"I don't know whether it's fixable now, in which case you best tear it down and give someone a chance to put something else in its place," said Julia Sugg, a neighbor.

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