Stokes County students puzzle their way through classroom ‘escape room’

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — While other teachers were walking out of their classroom last week to protest for changes in education, some teachers in Stokes County were hoping that parents and other community members would walk into their school and be inspired by what is taking place in the classroom.

Piney Grove Middle School invited the community in for a floating Open House on May 1.

Teachers kept regular classes schedules but had some hands-on activities to showcase their students' critical thinking skills.

Teacher Karen Hall created an escape room of sorts for her Language Arts class that had students working out the answer to a puzzle.

"In this escape room, they are in different teams and they are given a task," said Hall. "And for each of these tasks, it leads them to a code word."

Students have fun while they are learning — and that's why they love coming to Piney Grove to learn.

According to Hall, "We are so fortunate that we are in a smaller school and so we really get a chance to make those connections with students and with our co-workers. So we know when a student is struggling with something. We know them by name, and they can come talk to us. We know when a student is doing something wonderful because we are all right here together."

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