McNair Elementary student, out for months because of illness, gets special surprise on return to school

BROWNS SUMMIT, N.C. -- Skyylar Corbett, 5, a kindergarten student at McNair Elementary School in Browns Summit, received quite the surprise Monday.

Skyylar has been out of class since February because of a medical issue.

She has been dealing with inflamed lungs after showing flu-like symptoms.

Her mom, Angela Neely, says before Skyylar was put on a ventilator and sedated, she said she wanted an all pink party.

The expectation was that Skyylar would be in the hospital for up to six months; however, she was back at school much earlier.

Skyylar returned to school seeing her classmates and school staff wearing pink from head to toe.

“We're celebrating the fact that she is back with us. We're so excited for Skylarr and her improvements, major improvements with her health, that today we're all wearing pink, her favorite color, just to celebrate her and welcome her back on her first day,” Principal Dr. Tina Johnson said.

“Bringing her back to school, we thought, would speed the recovery up,” Neely said.

Skyylar is in physical therapy for the next three weeks.

She will be back in school full-time once she completes therapy.

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