What to do if something hits your car while driving through a construction zone

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Whether you’re on he highway or driving the streets you’re sure to pass one of the many construction sites that tend to pop up around this time of the year. The work can lead to hazards in the road, which has landed several people in repair shops like Autotrends on Battleground Avenue.

“I’ve had several people, with all we’ve had going on downtown Greensboro, it’s been a mess. They’ve been repaving constantly," said John Hill, president of Autotrends

Construction hazards can do a number on your car.

“It’s damaged a wheel, bent a wheel, blown a tire," Hill said.

First you should document the damage before getting it repaired.

“Maybe pull out your own cellphone, take some pictures," said hill.

And while they’re working on your car, you can get started on the paperwork at ncdot.gov or by calling the local Department of Transportation at (336) 543-9440.

“I did not know about that. That’s good to know actually," said Thomas McLenigan, a student at UNCG.

Thomas says he avoids construction spots at all costs.

“If at all possible getting over to the lane that’s far away from the construction,” he said.

Hill's shop hasn’t head back from drivers with problems on state roads, but says Greensboro does a good job of responding with damages near city projects.

“The City of Greensboro seems to be very friendly to the people that I’ve had experience with our customers,” he said.

Once the paperwork is filed, the process can take around six to eight weeks before you get a decision.

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