Mom says opossum lived in daughters’ room for 3 days before she believed them

If your kids say an opossum is living in their room, you should probably take the time to listen.

Caitlin Burch, who lives in Ohio, said her daughters tried to tell her that an opossum was living in their bedroom.

They initially went to go check, but upon finding no opossum, they chalked their daughters’ new roommate up to imagination, WTVT reports.

The creature lived in the room for three days  before the parents realized just how wrong they were.

“If I had known it was in the house, we would have been in a hotel for sure,” Burch said.

Using a pitchfork and a cookie sheet, the family captured the creature and brought it back outside — where it belongs.

It appears there were some hurt feelings as the family says the evicted roomie continued loitering around their yard the next day, according to WTVT.

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