3 teenagers save woman’s life, carry her out of home during fire

Diane Creel sits between 12-year-old Jaylyn Creel, 15-year-old Marina Creel and 18-year old Matthew Grooms.
(Colleton County Fire Rescue)

(Colleton County Fire-Rescue)

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. — A group of teenagers saved a woman’s life when her mobile home caught fire Wednesday, according to WCSC.

Diane Creel was home when the fire ignited at about 9:45 a.m. on the 7600 block of Rehoboth Road. She is blind and uses an oxygen tank

As the fire burned, 12-year-old Jaylyn Creel, 15-year-old Marina Creel and 18-year-old Matthew Grooms leaped into action.

After hearing yelling, they discovered the kitchen was on fire, they told Colleton County fire rescue officials.

Grooms threw bowls of water at the fire.

(Colleton County Fire-Rescue)

Meanwhile, Jaylyn and Marina Creel helped to get Diane Creel out of the home.

When the woman fell, all three teens came together to carry her outside, WCSC reports.

Fire officials say the fire started with the stove.

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